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For the purposes of this guide, abortion is defined as a deliberate act or procedure intended

to end human life in the womb.



Throughout the centuries and around the world, abortion has been generally considered

to be a criminal or immoral act subject to legal punishment and/or social disapproval in

the vast majority of civilized cultures. In the past few decades however, restrictions on

abortion have been loosened in some countries, and in others, abortion has become legal.

Estimates are that during the 20th century more than one billion babies were aborted.

Most countries place some level of legal restrictions on abortion such as:

mandatory waiting periods

requirements to inform women about potential complications or alternatives to


parental consent in the case of pregnant minors

regulations mandating safe clinical conditions

restrictions as to which trimester of pregnancy abortion is allowed

bans on partial birth abortion

Language is important. Sometimes, where abortion is illegal, the law allows exceptions if

the life of the mother is threatened or in the case of rape or incest. More controversial is an

exception based on the “health of the mother,” a term which is ambiguous and hard to

define. Loopholes in abortion laws, resulting from overly broad language such as permitting

abortion to preserve “the health of the mother,” a much lower threshold test than preserving

the life of the mother, are often used to justify almost any reason for abortion. For

example, in the United States, “health” is defined as including “mental” or “emotional”

health, allowing a woman who is merely upset that she is pregnant to claim that she has

the right to an abortion.

When women are given full and accurate information with regard to the life in their womb,


such as the abortion procedure itself, alternatives to abortion, and the well-documented

negative consequences abortion can have for them and their families, they will then be

empowered to make lifesaving instead of life-ending decisions. It is our hope that this

guide will help empower women to make informed choice when considering an abortion.

Abortion guide
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